1. Uvita 5 AM
    Travis Johns

  2. 100 Improvisations for Analog Electronics
    Travis Johns

  3. 26
    Travis Johns

  4. Stricture
    Tim Walters

  5. Duos for Electric Bass and Electronics
    Jorge Bachmann + Travis Johns

  6. Six Improvisations for Electric Upright Bass
    Travis Johns

  7. Greasy Deals

  8. Dormice
    Travis Johns

  9. Neither Here Nor There
    Tim Walters

  10. Advection (Slow Names 8)
    Hey Exit

  11. Yorkin
    Travis Johns & Paulina Velazquez-Solis

  12. Consistency and Gaps

  13. 300 Improvisations for Digital Electronics
    Travis Johns

  14. No Führer

  15. Calaveras de Zarigüeya
    [ruidobello] + vsls

  16. sketches with piano + analog noise
    Tara Rodgers

  17. Very Fine People

  18. Austerity Measures
    Tim Walters

  19. Dirge for 8 and 20 (The Teeth of Baltimore)

  20. The Wind Harp Ensemble
    The Wind Harp Ensemble

  21. Frost Gradient I
    Travis Johns

  22. Krákulán
    Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson

  23. head/rush(ed)
    Marlo Eggplant

  24. No Disposition or Exit Plan
    Forms of Things Unknown

  25. Aeriform Cities

  26. Windfall

  27. eric eric copeland, side b
    True French

  28. Uncompahgre
    Paul Mimlitsch + Travis Johns

  29. Sylvedic

  30. 001

  31. Gloss
    Lyn Goeringer

  32. Songs of the Rain and Urban Decay
    true french

  33. We walked all night under the cover of darkness... in the morning we sought shelter amongst the pines in the valley

  34. Multifungi Volume 1
    Paulina Velazquez-Solis

  35. Annotated Songs for Amplified Water
    true french

  36. Dirge for 27

  37. The Difficult Third Wish
    Tim Walters

  38. Mare Island

  39. Music for PC

  40. CR Distopia
    Jose Duarte

  41. Grandes Exitos 2011-2015

  42. New Trends in Aesthetic Street Photography

  43. Consumer Affairs
    The Flayed Choirmaster

  44. Boy in the Well
    Dereck Donohue

  45. Else 2
    Hey Exit

  46. ...at the base of a tower in a time before fear


VF Industrial Ithaca, New York

Post-industrial soundtracks for abandoned warehouses, crumbling cities and experimental electronics cobbled together from the remains of a beautiful future. Possibly also a spattering of improvised new-age doom, culture jams and zombie field hollers for good measure. I'm not saying you can't dance to it, but it might take some creativity. Or something like that. ... more

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